Saturday, February 14, 2015

Of Roy and his constipatory indulgences!

Of Roy and his constipatory indulgences!

What do you do when you have a constipated itch? Most of the lesser mortals like us would try our grandmother's age old home remedies and more often than not that would just relieve the agony.

But when you are someone with the name Vikramjit Singh you just can't bear with the fact that you are the only one suffering and decide to make it more inclusive by conceiving 'Roy'! And you make sure that the fun doesn't end anytime soon by making all sit on the commode for a good two n half hours! To entice the unsuspecting you add a dose of couple of melodies and if that's not just good enough you get the most popular doctor in the town aka RK to make it appear like an AIIMS' concocted panacea for all of your labour pains! Result? The entire family gets swayed and is lured into buying the forbidden Jamfal... err... Rampal!! Gosh! If someone who had presumably scorched the ramps across the country and who now is well past his shelf life could be made to emote for millions I don't think that I commit any cardinal sin when I daydream of delivering my most popular actor's acceptance speech in the Kodak theatre while receiving my academy award!

This has to be the best product in terms of efforts vs. rewards analysis for its dialogues wouldn't have caused any burning of midnight oil. Its entire constipated star ensemble would have performed for it like they are conversing in their clubhouse. Lesser said the better about either its cinematographic brilliance or editorial merits!

If tomorrow someone files a public interest litigation (PIL) against all of Roy's culprits for grossly wasting the national productivity I wouldn't blink an eye for if ever there was a case of 'forced' censorship it tops the list of qualifiers, beating even RGV's Aag handsomely.

Someone please stall this prescription from becoming an epidemic in itself before it's too late in the day!

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