Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rendezvous with Nursery teacher!

Rendezvous with Nursery teacher!

Dear (would be) teacher,

At the onset, I find you quite an affable person & I am more than glad to offer you my hug. If you exude warmth in the process I could actually consider planting couple of kisses on both of your blushes with a smile (which my parents say is one of its kind) between my lips. Of course they are probably programmed to be so very effusive all the time while taking pride in their little doll's astonishing vice-like grip on even the passing breeze.

In another couple of months from now I will turn three and I can see both my mom n dad getting some anxious moments n sleepless nights already what with my admission to a good school's nursery class getting on to their nerves. This disturbs me even as I know that all my teachers in my current play school where I am showering all of my bliss would be heartbroken just with the very thought of parting with me. Such is the strong bond I have been able to form with them & I know that I have been their most favourite protégé for the past 7-8 months. I find myself truly blessed to have earned so much of unconditional embrace by all.

Quite honestly, if you ask them, my parents would love me to spend the next couple of years at home only as they are firm believers in the old dictum "home is the best school and parents are the best teachers". Though after discharging his bread winner's duties through the day my dad devotes considerable time with me (I am fortunate that my mom keeps doing it round the clock) I believe they are merely concerned about my getting exposed to the outside world too soon. I agree that it is understandable also on their part given the early turbulences they had to so strongly hold fort against while I was still just few weeks into this world. But I am sure that at the end of day they'll be the first ones to acknowledge what unmatchable value add & exposure one young baby like me could have just by the virtue of my being party to a methodically selected group (or class) of few kids.

On my part, I also make sure that I do not let any of their effort go fruitless. That's when I surprised them by learning the nine planets' names "in order" even before my dad could do so! Surprised? Didn't it? Not as much because he studied in vernacular all the time and for him it was as unique & laborious exercise as it was for me. Thanks to my mom's ingenuity out of all my subsequent 'indulgences' this planet-o-mania remains the show stopper, for me and for those who so affectionately adore me.

I do not quite get when my teachers fondly call me a "Google Child"! From what immensely cute acts my all other pals perform in my play class I realize that all my parents' teachings keep mesmerizing the teachers. Be it my being able to take names of all the continents, oceans, days of the week, months of the year, our national animal, national bird or national flower with absolutely effortless ease or be it my recitation of the "Johny Johny", "Yes Papa!" I feel so very good while cheering the mood around.

I know that I have few chinks too in my armour like I keep getting stuck at all of twenty nine's, thirty nine's, forty nine's etc. before being sheepishly prompted to thirty, forty, fifty and so on until I reach the coveted HUNDRED and raise both of my hands in jubilation! I also know that I get mischievous while crossing the "Poonam Nagar" in our home address & instead improvise it as "Boongam Bangam"! But I more than make up for it by correctly dictating my dad's mobile no. with all of its ten digits in exactly the same unique order as they are meant to be memorized as.

Now I have come to your door step to explore the possibilities of my making your school my adolescent years' abode of learning. I am sure that by now you have already formed my alter-image in your subconscious mind and that you are as excited to the ensuing "interaction" with me as I am. So what's stopping you from taking that leap of faith in me? If I am more than committed to do it for you I am sure I won't ever let you down if you do so.

Come, fall in fun!

Yours truly

(C) Rits Original

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