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Krrish3 -> Kkkrriissh'N'(??!!)

Krrish3 -> Kkkrriissh'N'(??!!)

Those who have had basic exposure to algebra in their formative years won't sweat a pain in figuring out that 'N' stands for a variable whose real world value could be anything & theoretically it could indeed 'tend' towards infinity. So, should this be the guiding principle for even the "thinking" filmmakers as they conceive sequels to their "original" labour of love? Well, there are two school of thoughts on this. The idealists would condemn the very idea of stretching the inches on a worn out suit's waistline even if its owner has written his/her most cherished success stories while donning it. The more practical ones would espouse the cause of milking the cash cow nonchalantly. Some of the Hollywood franchise have done it remarkably well over and over again. In Bollywood the idea doesn't exactly set the box office on fire by each of the successors of the original classics.

Krrish3 takes over from where its last avatar left us dazed after we savoured the original's 'Jadoo' in "Koi Mil Gaya". And thinking man of his craft that he is (this one is his just the third serving in 10 years!) Rakesh Roshan knows how to evolve with times. K3 is an out n out exhibition of modern age state of the art special effects. Throughout the 150 minute length of this tale of good prevailing over bad they are liberally injected (so much as to create a sense of an overkill at times). We have been witness to some of the most tacky of them in other so-called "Super Hero" bolly ventures but one has to see K3 to get the real goose bumps. Alright, the heavy dose of VFX appears outrigthly impractical in many of the scenes but their sheer sophisticated execution render them more than the desirable credibility. Why to be nit picking always? We are here to watch a Sci-fi fiction only & not to solve a real life murder mystery. A job well done indeed!

What leaves a sour taste in mouth is the music composed by the ever-so-reliable in-house young brother of the Captain marvel. This has to go down as the worst ever album the family team has cut. Save the hummable "Raghupati Raghav" all the compositions just unnecessarily interferes in the engrossing audio-visual extravagenza and are immediately forgettable.

In his father-son double roles the Indian "Greek" Hero once again stands out from the crowd of his contemporaries. There is something about his persona that makes him "by default" a credibly likable superstar. He doesn't have to do anything special to garner his fans' adulation but his innate honesty reflects in each frame he is present. Nobody from Bollywood should even try to do what he so effortlessly manages to do. Even after decades of sipping his last Martini onscreen Sir Sean Connery still is the last word when it comes to naming the most believable Bond, James Bond. History will prove that if ever there was one Superhero in Bollywood it was Hrithik Roshan. Period. Uske aage baaki sab paani kam chai hain.

The surprise package of this fight between human race & an army of mutants is Kangna. She looks just so near perfect in her characterization that you might get shiver down your spine if you end up seeing her in flash n blood after the show is over. Her emotional vulnerability also comes out very well. Her role is much more ingrained with the plot than that of her bete-noire Priyanka and to her credit she has actually managed to overshadow (would you believe it) PC! The villainery of Vivek Oberoi keeps on oscillating between being subtly scary & sub par. His casting could have been a borderline case as there is no dearth of mean spirits in aamchi Mumbai. Surprisingly, the mutants' roles were not developed enough as they were supposedly the USP's (Unique Selling Propositions) of this episode of the franchise.

Though I personally had a blast for most of the movie's duration (which my three other companions found amusing as at best they were neutral in their review) I have a serious complaint with the Krrish team. It has projected (or it be perceived as such) young kids as its main audience but it has not evidenced sensitivity associated with young impressionable minds while depicting all the loud & prolonged violences (which were indeed graphical in many such scenes). Censor Board should come up with something like "Only 12+" or "PG" (Parental Guidance) certification for such maniacal display of brute power on silver screen.

K3 gets 7.5 on REndex.

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  1. Very nicely detailed review and I must say that I enjoyed your narrative!

  2. Hi Abhra, thanks very much for your so encouraging feedback. I do hope I keep floating in your good books.