Friday, April 25, 2014

Revolver Rani - I likes it dud!

Revolver Rani - I likes it dud!

Crazy underwear - Chambal dud no.1!

A male phassion parade with this titillating title up for grabs so aptly yet so gently (pun intended) gives you an idea of what all to expect in this desi version of Kill Bill. Ah! Sai Kabir is no Quentin Tarantino but when he has the Queen of the season filling in for Uma Thurman you gotta raise not just your thumb but also hold your head high which shed that pseudo intellectual overcoat in your office cubicle before you revolted against the mocking faces when you declared that you have a date with Alka Singh tonight!

So, who the hell is Alka Singh? (As her name would suggest) Before you jump on to type casting her as any other saree clad Indian politician (who would send all of her 24x7 western outfits to the far away laundry once in every five years i.e., in the one month's period leading up to the coronation day) she declares that she means business, bullet business!

Such is the conviction with which Kangana plays the baddie that you nearly feel like traversing in an alternate universe for it's not many full moon nights ago when she charmed the entire nation as the sweet and gullible Queen.

She is not just into the business of pumping bullets in every single pore of her enemies but she is vulnerable and romantic too! She secretly desires to settle in Benis (yeah, Benis is the new Venice) with her "toy boy" Chamcham (don't expect me to explain what is a toy boy as doing that is not in the scope of this text and it would kill your fun as well) who she blindly loves (and hates to love for his floundering around).

Vir Das gives you an extremely restrained and mature performance while allowing Rani to literally (and figuratively too) taking control of his very being. Hats off to him for allowing himself to be 'used' for better part of the screenplay. Piyush Mishra is still absolutely one 'tunch' (as our Diggy babu aka Digvijai Singh once so famously said about his female party colleague) performer even after 17 summers since he first cast his spell on us in 'Dil Se'.

It's set up in the Chambal region so it's not surprising to keep getting heavy doses of rude yet humorous, violent yet compassionate dialogues from the hinterland. You might not be thoroughbred with this dialect and you would certainly end up missing some of its finer nuances yet you won't find yourself compromising on your understanding of the underlying theme.

As I said in the beginning also, I have put all my money on Kangana the Actor and it looks like that with her absolutely "top of the drawer" performances she won't allow me giving a walk over to the person placing his bets with me. Even as corporates are still declaring just their first quarter results of the calendar year and it's still a long way to go before 2014 gets to a close for finalizing the nominations for best performers of the year it is heartening to see that this young self made unorthodox protagonist is slowly but certainly pulling the rug from beneath the Jimmy Choo's of the who's who among the Bollywood fashionista's.

Good going girl! I am all game for the desi Kill Bill - 2. Go baby, show us some more of your raw madness and whacky humour. After all, we all deserve some sinful indulgence! A word of caution though (damn, it has unwittingly become sort of customary statutory warning all the time from me). While you hit the nearby screen for this dhinchak dekko leave your young guns behind with their governesses or let them have their share of fun at their chosen creche.

As for the REndex is there still any raised eyebrow if I give it a double tenner?

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