Monday, April 7, 2014

Abki baar Modi sarkaar?!

Abki baar Modi sarkaar?!

Voila! The call that I have been anticipating for the past few months eventually found its way in full public glare hours before the most elaborate electoral exercise any democracy has seen kicks in. The 'king' to be (or is it still too early?) roared as he unabashedly asked for a referendum for 'HIM' leaving nothing to imagination as to how a party's (which had no choice but to anoint him its 'Senapati', much to the chagrin of its disgruntled septuagenarian) fate rides on absolutely nothing but this one man's charisma.

Was it anyway a different proposition for the party's disciples since the first poll bigul blew two summers ago? There have been occasional blips on an otherwise perfectly scripted skit that's been played out on the biggest stage any country could create, the whole of the country itself! Such has been the dialogue writing (including some well timed, self-serving improvisations to add that much genuineness to the whole of this drama) and editing that even the most highly decorated showman of Bollywood famous for dishing out one family potboiler after the other would find himself tempted to adopt it for his next 'inspiration'!

Want a clue to the climax of his Zillion Dollar baby? Hold tight guys. For it's still over a month before the inevitability strikes the conscience of the nation. In the interim (as a precursor to the unfolding events) what more evidence does one need when even 'Aunty' Sam got the marching orders from THE 'Uncle' after she refused to toe the line and chose to be a haughty protagonist dreaming of stemming the tide?

This is truly unprecedented for the voters of the biggest democracy which has traditionally put all its faith in the dynastic rule of a single family which deems it their birth right to govern the country, whether directly or through some very well orchestrated camouflaged way. While it is still anybody's game what with the regional complexities making it almost inconceivable to even think of a single party regime in the foreseeable future what flummoxes me is the fact that slowly yet determinately the nation is truly gearing itself up for a Presidential model of governance. The Senapati hasn't even remotely given a clue to who all would constitute his cabinet and the paradox is such that under the hallucinating aura of this alleged Indian Hitler we seem to be caring little!

Will this blind game plan work? What's running inside the minds of his think tank which would be secretely nursing its own ambitions? Are they going to peacefully accept their master's dictat should we see him taking oath from the constitutional President of the country? How would he be able to take the coalition along since he is a person who is known to be a listener to all but eventually doing what suits his temperament? These are some of the pertinent questions we should be concerned about before taking that leap of faith on the D-day while exercising our only worthwhile right, to vote for our future.

It's another thing to keep chanting Namo Namo and another to form our opinion on well researched matters of relevance. Myriad tid-bits doing the rounds on social media ending with just one objective of etching the intended bottom line "Abki baar Modi sarkaar" on the collective consciousness of the nation needs to be given as much weightage as you would give to any other forward. Now, whether you truly believe in that shared wisdom has to be YOUR concerned call only.

As for me, I don't mind enjoying a good read and bursting into a laughter every time some well written two liner comes to me with "Abki baar....!"

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