Friday, December 30, 2016

Who is Bhim?

Who is Bhim?

Is he the giant pandav you proudly are able to recollect n brag about in front of your kitty gang? Oh yeah, he is that of Mahabharata fame who probably was the first body builder India had ever produced! Man, how powerful he was to tear the mighty Jarasandh's humongous body in two pieces like you would pluck a flower in your backyard. Isn't he the same guy who also eventually killed the baddy Duryodhan? Hey you, I also know his wife's name was Hidimba. I mean his second wife whose son was the fearsome Ghatotkach.

Oh babes, what's going on out there? Did you care to check the spelling? It's bloody not our 'Bheem' but indeed their 'Bhim'!! For God's sake how could you all be so dumbs to not even care about our revered figures' purist names and act like a Pappu? You certainly don't deserve any sympathy from anyone. That's why it's named as such and is exclusively curated for its rightful recipients who have been subjugated by some random behenji for the last so many years on end.

Now just have a look at its virility as it slowly explodes in the hinterlands of her fiefdom in the coming weeks. It will help waking people up from their slumber and since it's their own 'Bhim' they would embrace him like they never did anyone else.

I told you earlier also and you made fun of me then just couple of months ago. Days ahead of the US polls I had humbly opined as under.

"I have a simple analogy to offer. People who voted for Brexit didn't know what they did. They were just impressed with the very thought of 'profiling'. The very same logic goes here as well. The Americans who would otherwise want to boast about their 'liberal' ethos in public would secretly vote for Trump!! Mark my words."

Today also I am telling you guys that the hetherto ubiquitous behenji might not be able to save her own deposit and her 'jamanat' might get 'zabt' leave alone her dreams of getting back to the centre stage.

Now you know who is 'Bhim'! Don't you? Start marking my words. If not for anything else then to just earn some quick bucks in the markets (it's another matter that I am an antithesis when it comes to use my own words in making moolah for myself)!

(C) Rits Original