Friday, December 30, 2016

Welcoming New Year's in Mumbai's Europe

Mumbai boys and girls! Ladies and gentlemen! Wherever you are in the town just don't miss the new year geity of Hiranandani Powai. It's to be seen to believe. I promise you won't have enough of it. You might have plans to usher the new year in tomorrow somewhere in the city n for tonight it might already be too late for an impromptu Dekko but just don't miss tomorrow evening before heading to your party circuit. It's mesmerizing to say the least. I recently went to Gold Coast in Australia n fell in love with its vigour but this time our own little Europe has beaten that blue. Come over guys and treat me for seducing you into getting an eye candy for yourselves you would remember for your life time. If you don't like the show bill is on this poor chap of course. That's the unapologetic n unconditional money-back guarantee from yours truly.

Come, fall in fun!

Cheers :)
(C) Rits Original