Saturday, August 27, 2016

The fourth anniversary celebrations of my Blog

Boy-o-boy! Oh boy! Time surely flies and how. Today my younger baby (the first one is the only biological yet) grows four years old. Guess in its four years of existence it has done reasonably well to bring smile on at least few faces even as of late I haven't been able to do justice to it in giving my quality time for its continued evolution. If you guys didn't get an opportunity (or motivation) to follow its immediate post-birth days that time and you have a fascination for the captivating Kashmir n Ladakh region I promise to get all of their charm playing live on your hand held devices as in the course of next couple of weeks I shall be republishing those absolutely out of this world memories again on my blog, day by day as it happened then. Keep hitting until 15th September. I do hope it won't let you down in devoting your precious little time. Cheers.

Everlastingly yours
(C) (W)Rits Original