Monday, August 22, 2016

Story of a little princess

My little Princess' story so far...

From being just another face in the crowd to carrying the biggest names in the industry on her tiny shoulders. All of that in a flash (just over 100 days to be precise since she first hit the screens on 7th May only)! And the best part is that she seems to have found her karmic vanity (oh yes, she just loves the vanity vans whenever she gets her stage to show all her wares) in doing whatever she chooses to do while enchanting all the industry veterans and curious onlookers. Am I a proud father? I would sound very selfish in saying so. I am just so very thankful to the great Almighty God for blessing me with this Angel who has changed the very meaning of life. I am also very grateful to all of my well-wishers for pouring their warmth on me and her without which I wouldn't have got so many moments to cherish. Last but not the least it's the mom of the Princess who should be held in the highest esteem for all her bravado and hard work in polishing her ward.

The story is far from being over as many more such chapters of absolute delight are to be unfolded for everyone to be charmed with a zeal for life and positive attitude to reckon with. Amen!

Moral of the story (if at all I am qualified to add that): All the kids are born with a unique talent and vista. If only we could allow them to explore their true potential it would make for such blissful and cherishable moments forever. Let the small, beautiful flowers bloom to their fullest. Amen!


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