Sunday, September 1, 2013

Satyagraha - lacks truth (read originality)

Thanks very much all for letting me know that you look forward to my views. It for sure humbles me. I do appreciate your encouragement.

I as much longed to write a critique on Satyagraha as well but after watching it this morning i got more disappointed than inspired. It's nothing more than a case of situational plagiarism and i don't feel like spending too much time on it to share my original thoughts. The entire length n breadth of the narrative has cheaply borrowed almost all of its plot from the Anna-Arvind-Prashant-Kiran-Aruna saga. Worst, the revered Prakash Jha doesn't even show the courtesy to acknowledge that probably for the first time his pen had not much midnight oil to burn while conceptualizing this ambitious project riding on which he expects Manmohan to change his title to Pradhan Sevak!!

I am actually surprised that no one by now seems to have realized that it's a rip off from the real life events with unashamed ease. Notwithstanding some fine performances & the intent behind, for its brazen lack of professional ethics it gets 2 on REndex.

(C) Rits original