Friday, August 30, 2013

"Rape ho gaya aaj to!!"

"Rape ho gaya aaj to!!"

"Kya ho gaya bhai? Kyun subah subah dimaag ki dahi kar raha hai?"

"Abe! Suna nahi tune? Tere us hero celebrity writer ka balatkaar kar diya junta ne aaj"!

"Kiski baat kar raha hai mote?"

"Abe wohi jo aaj tak yehi samajhta hai ki usne apni life mein bas teen-heech galtiyaan ki hain".

"Oh, haan suna maine. Ek number ka gadha hai woh! Kab kahan kya bolna hai chamakta nahi hai usko. Ek na ek din to uska rape hona hi tha. Aaj khudne apni ***** li".

With heavy heart n moist eyes i just overhear this coffee table conversation of two of my male colleagues while pushing my poha plate into the microwave. They are obviously completely oblivious of my presence around. Or actually, they might not be!! Working with an equal opportunity employer in an intense n camphor-like volatile environment does make you immune n indifferent to such jocular n casual chit-chats.

On any other day i might have wryly smiled on this. If i were spirited i might have actually cracked a joke on it myself. Worst, i might just have shrugged it off thinking about my own deliverables in next one hour.

But not today!! Even as the microwave's heating plate has started its noisy n rhythmic rotation for next sixty seconds or so i feel like having to relive those brutal n soul crushing moments over n over again which in all earnestness i don't even dream of cursing upon my sworn enemy!!

Like another aspiring young professional i was full of jest while still in my internship with my potential employer & had indeed took it on to me as a challenging assignment which not many were really excited about. I wanted to prove that i am up for it no matter how it looks like to any one else.

That evening, very enthusiastically i was all set on my mission when my remaining life was forcibly pushed into a living hell by those half a dozen rotten eggs. Their otherwise normal looking outer shells didn't even remotely gave me any inkling of how disgustingly smelly & pukish their inner yolks would turn out to be!! I just can't get my thoughts away from those few minutes of absolutely incomparable torture no matter how hard i try to feel strong about my will power n my resilience. It certainly helps that all of my family members have stood like rocks besides me all this while. I don't see any of those dreaded mausis n bhuajis who i thought would be only deriving pleasures of their lives by mockingly deriding me.

I gather all my courage to start afresh & today was supposed to be my first day at my workplace after-life! While coming to the office i couldn't believe my eyes when i read in today's newspapers that those very same outfits which otherwise are perpetually at diagnolly opposing views whenever in public domain have tightly maintained a studied silence over a 72 year old rapist who in all likelihood has killed the very self of a poor girl who might indeed be younger than his great grand daughter!! Such a bunch of eunchs! BJP & Congress, you don't lose grip on even the sand flowing out of someone's fists but today you are showing what dog poop you are made of.

Why do people around me have to reignite memories of those not-so-cherishable moments which i just wish could be washed away by a Gajini? Why can't they just discard one word in their vocabulary for good? Why can't people find themselves accomplished in coming up with some other really witty or sarcastic metaphor? Why should they always be programned to feel that this government has 'RAPED' our economy? Is it too much of an ask?

"Madam ji, poha garam ho gaya hai." I see Param (our pantry boy) sensitizing me.

(C) Rits Original