Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Rape of Conscience

"If you chose to continue to vote for the corrupt, rape of women would also continue at the same pace"!!

With great amusement (for a change) i am watching a ferociously livid Arnab Goswami lambasting Arvind Kejriwal & his Aam Aadmi Party for using this message (as a crude political slogan in Hindi) to serve its political interests well. Despite trying my level best I fail to appreciate why should he be so agitated to discount it as merely use of a 'fear psychosis'. To me, this is a very thought provoking use of (albeit a not so civilized one) a political tool (that's the way it is & that's how it should be perceived as). Arnab himself is pulling from his treasure drove yet another ream of papers brimming proudly with factual data that tells that between Feb & March on 23 days 145 rape cases were registered in the NCR i.e., more than 6 rapes a day!! Quite a numbing stat.

Isn't it anybody's guess that indeed women of Delhi really get scared should they have to venture out unescorted by a MALE family member after the sun sets? It's not merely a media sensationalization. It's a HARD hitting reality on which their Mumbai counterpart would just not believe as in my own personal experience females here won't even care to look at the cab or rickshaw driver's face even if they are boarding alone in the odd night hours on a not so busy bylane.

Given this not so to be proud about ground zero situation why shouldn't AAP be allowed to make it an election campaign agenda item? Just to clear any misinterpretations (which obviously might have creeped in by now) i equally loathe all our politicians, whether seasoned or wanna be's and AK & his troupe is no different. What if the underlying promise he is making to make Delhi as safe (if not more) for women as Mumbai is? What if he deem to convey that statistically (sorry but that's the only available benchmark in the context) his party ought to bring this six point something average to less than the first positive integer from the moment the party comes into power? When Sheila Dixit could enjoy the support of leutens for three consecutive terms & still she has to shoo the media away on any discomforting query after a registered rape why not someone who has the audacity to claim bringing this crime rate against humanity to an absymally low level be given a hearing? What's the harm in allowing this poor chap to explain his agenda as to how his party is going to ensure this ostensibly mammoth clean up, not of the system but that of the minds? I believe he does merit your attention. If he is not able to convince you show him the door. Right?

Just a food for thought your truly thought of serving today.