Friday, June 14, 2013

The Mirror.... reflects you in your entirety without making room for any narcissist euphemy. It makes you feel proud for what good you feel about yourself but ah! It also doesn't compromise in pulling you down on your most pain inflicting chinks in armour. After a long time i felt the latter today when after waging a lone, perseverant battle for over 3 weeks i am forced to give up. After my (in)famous, unprecedented victories against some of the top corporate honchoes for standing up to my rights i got the bitter taste of medicine and how. This time (once again) i tried to beat the time in my bid to get my passport renewed for our offsite conference starting today. The enervating process flow ensured i had to eat the humble pie at no less than five places for over a dozen of times put together. Did i like the taste? Of course not so indulgently as i relish my supply of juicy lichees & soul quenching alphonsoes. With so many lawmakers, beaurocrats & white collared stakeholders holding their guns, some pumping doses of their inflated ego, some unashamedly & nonchalently blinking with their material desires on the opportunity being thrown upon them i felt like i was on a 10 Km steepalchase, jumping on each one of the hurdles with little less than the perfect maneuvoring.... until today! Eventually i could ensure printing of my passport y'day but then it's foolhardy to presume yourself victorious until you get your hands on cup! I might get it some time before noon tomorrow, just few hours after it would have made for a meaningful purpose. Not that it's going to make a difference to me for the missed company but certainly it has made me realize that from now on i shouldn't live in a fool's paradise by backing myself in doing the unthinkable! I raise both my hands with great humility. I thought that mirror was certainly biased for me but how could it change its chemical properties to make me feel biologically any different :-)

Everlastingly yours

Typos be excused it being a car seat composition on way back home ;-)