Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bungalow 9

We are a group of few families connected together by our kids who share their school. Almost every week we go out and try to have a gala time together while having our food and drinks together. Kids mingle n don't care for anything around while having their own sweet time. As such we are always on the look out for kid friendly places. Last evening I recommended Bungalow 9 to the group and it was well received by one and all. Quite excitedly we booked a table n reached the place.

Barely few minutes into sitting there we started getting a sense that it was a seriously bad decision. We were served with a drink that had an insect equally thirsty for a sip or two. On pointing it the staff nonchalantly 'changed' the drink but didn't find it courteous enough to say a simple 'sorry'! Then we got 'accidentally' served a non veg pasta when we had ordered a veg! Again, the staff had nothing more than a cherubic smile! The fact that the staff couldn't serve us drinking water even after several reminders was indeed the most 'palatable' of the experience!

After all of this we didn't have any stomach for ordering the main course and when we spoke to the manager about it he offered an apology with a dessert. It indeed was a humble gesture as in our group of 10 adults n 6 kids we got served with a blueberry cheesecake slice cut in five 'portion'! It goes without saying that nobody touched it.

Our cheque didn't come for over 15 minutes and even after couple of requests. When it did we had the shock of our lives to find that there were 'overcharged' items we didn't order. We paid the bill and requested the manager to review the complete CCTV recording to find as to whose claims were good. He assured that by tomorrow we would be approached by the management but even as I am writing this there hasn't been any attempts from them. Open and shut case!