Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Of Dubaaaaaiii! and Sofitel in its downtown!

Of Dubaaaaaiii! and Sofitel in its downtown!


Well well well....that's not how a sane person is normally expected to pronounce Dubai but the moment s/he lands here this city's enormity overpowers all your senses. As a matter of fact even before entering the municipal limits all the entry points slowly but surely start building up the anticipation of what's gonna strike you when you are in this modern era's man made wonder. I entered through the land route as our family vacation's first point of entry into UAE was Abu Dhabi couple of days ago. During the entire hour and a half long journey we witnessed what a determinate effort and power of willingness could do. Amidst a full blown desert man created humongous infrastructure that could give any of the resource rich 'developed' nations a serious run for their money. A six to eight lane (either sides of the traffic), bump free, spotless, super express highway which officially allows one to drive @ 120 KMPH gets the distance of around 150 KMs covered without breaking any sweat!

Amidst the sea of sky scrapers, desperately (and well deservedly) vying for onlookers gaze there appears a mammoth figure that looks like a cutting age NASA space shuttle, magnified many times over! Oh yeah, that's Burj Khalifa only. As is the Hindu tradition of touching elders' feet on meeting them this structure also makes you take a bow with great respect (and much disbelief), from a distance of at least 15 KMs!! As it nears and you get to see it in its full glory rest everything takes a backseat and even in a uber rich city like this you can't but applaud your luck to be able to see this spectacle from your naked eyes. 

While planning for this new year vacation in Dubai the very first objective I had in my mind was to book myself for the new year's eve in a hotel that could offer me a vantage point access to see all that world famous fireworks without giving me any stress. I had heard the stories of how the entire city's roads get completely blocked as the swarm of humanity head towards just one stop i.e., Burj Khalifa. People from world over come here just to see this once in a lifetime phenomenon and they book their tables in even the tiniest of holes surrounding this engineering marvel. I was looking for an unmatched access and my search stopped the moment I discovered Sofitel Dubai Downtown! Being a true blue loyalist of the Sofitel brand for years it was like a blessing in disguise. My detailed study of this property kept on reinforcing my belief that this indeed is what someone should be looking forward to without thinking too much. My being an Accor's Le Club member came handy as I got a very good rate when I was booking all of my stays couple of months in advance. It goes without saying that never before did I find myself so very fascinated with a commoditized product like a hotel! And with bated breath, like a child I have been waiting to come here for the past 10 weeks.

Today finally came the moment and I landed at Sofitel Dubai Downtown and from the word go it's been a truly exhilarating experience, food for the thirsty soul to sum it up. It's a perfect place befitting one's stay for such a grand setting and I would be surprised if there would be too many competitors around who could blend a deadly concoction of unmatched hospitality, attention grabbing luxury & opulence along with offering such a bird's eye view of Burj Khalifa! The entire staff sets a benchmark in absolutely top of the drawer service delivery and from the bell boys to right until the top management everybody seems to be perpetually running for achieving some coveted World's Best Service Delivery Person award! Everything that manages to catch your attention is just so perfectly planned and laid in its place that its almost impossible to find faults even if one considers him(her)self to be the most discerning of them all. Our allotted room was gorgeously well appointed and as expected it offers the world's best view of Burj Khalifa, the Grand Stand seat equivalent for Formula One aficionados. The Club Millisime access (given to guests booked in Suites) was just the perfect icing on the cake.

Frankly speaking, during our vacation we generally don't use our chosen hotel & its room beyond just sleeping & a relatively early morning breakfast as the entire focus is on making the most use of available time to see as much of the place of visit as it has on offer. But Sofitel Dubai Downtown just took our breath away as much as to keep dragging our feet back to itself even as there were many hours to go before hitting the sack!

Can't wait to wake up tomorrow (31st December) morning for another relaxed day at this so very tastefully done up property before hitting our sweet stop (in our own room or more likely with the other guests at one of the open premium spaces). With this yours truly signs off for the last time in 2015 and hopes to keep receiving encouraging words as well as objective feedback from his well-wishers (and naysayers alike).

I take this opportunity to wish you all an amazingly blissful festive season ahead. I do hope the ensuing new year multiplies your happiness, contentment & accomplishments (not to forget your wealth) ‘n’ times (‘n’ is a variable and its value is fast tending towards 2016) of their already accumulated levels. I also pray to the great Almighty to nourish you with his/her choicest blessings and drench you with the sweetest, everlasting memories to cherish for life. Amen!

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