Sunday, December 21, 2014

PK @ Schools!

PK @ Schools!

There are genres of cinema and then there is this Raju Hirani genre which keeps things pretty simple for all of its patrons. Raju has completed a decade since when he delivered his first directorial masterpiece in Munna Bhai MBBS & had directed just 3 of them in all before conceiving his current offering.

Like his name, all of Raju's work is always effortless and soothing. It never fails to dial the 'right' number with the audience and there never is a dull moment throughout the entire length of his brand of 'Panchatantra' stories. Seldom would they be laced with cinematographic brilliance or special effects that other less accomplished filmmakers (are obliged to) inject in their otherwise substandard works.

PK is yet another superbly cured wine from this simpleton's winery which took no less than five years of ageing in the casks before being finally found worthy of getting served to its restless connoisseurs! Its smooth blend hits you hard when you are still relishing its sweet aroma while sipping it gently like there is no other nectar that could enbalm your wounded nerves!

I am not for star / hero worshipping and for all his well advertized (and even better paid) works for social causes I in fact started doubting if there is any genuine intent behind them but thankfully that dilemma just can't take away the merits in Aamir's portrayal of any of his characters on silver screen. He has indisputably been the finest 'commercial' actor for the last quarter of century. In PK also, with his 'gaped' eyes, protruding ear lobes, unabashedly donned clown-like wardrobe and never seen before mannerisms he brings the alien to life and makes him so realistically believable.

It was a real pleasant surprise to find one of the finest actors of yesteryears Parikshit Sahni making his presence felt in a small yet powerful role. All others including Sanjay Dutt, Sushant Singh, Saurabh Shukla & Boman Irani play their parts with elan but Anushka managed to surprise for the simple reason that she didn't get to enact such light yet sensitive roles ever!

Though it might look more than merely inspired by "Oh My God!" PK stands out in originality quotient for its script which glides the viewer on its feathery narration.

Only a Raju Hirani could afford to crack jokes on condoms and downplay an otherwise not-so-aesthetic looking (and sounding) visual as "dancing car" without making a mother least uncomfortable while her young kid is going insane over the interwoven comedy. Just don't miss this unmistakably delightful pudding. I won't mind treating myself with another helping.

Now, if I were to be PK for just one day I would undoubtedly like to review the security apparatus of the schools. I am sure that they are not so callous anyway but the last Tuesday's tragedy across the border has numbed even the heartless souls and if ever there was a need to make wholesome changes in the way our young generation's temples of learning ensure their impregnability, it is NOW!

While I don't wish to sound pompous on the subject for my knowledge of the subject (security @ schools) is zilch I strongly believe that for the sheer unpredictability of any unenvisaged horror it is mighty impossible to render a fool-proof status to the security of even a school that charges top dollar from its patrons.

Given the underlying practical & logistical challenges while protecting our hapless children from the onslaught of any evil powers it is worth while to explore means and methods to minimize the damage should such a heinous eventuality were to ever unfold anywhere. A labyrinth like access (Chakravyuh of Mahabharata) for the school premises is the need of the hour. For all the routine inconvenience it might entail there is no better way to keep a better vigil on the surroundings than to have a single entry point (of course the exits have to be as many as is possible). Once this is ensured the next line of defense is to make the advance alert mechanism as swift & efficient to cover the last mile connectivity in a seamless manner.

Some food for thought to ponder (or laugh) over!

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