Sunday, November 9, 2014

My experience with Uber

My experience with Uber

After reading through how RBI perceives its lack of two factor authentication while directly charging its registered customers' credit cards, like many others I was also suspicious and jittery in giving Uber a chance (fearing an imaginary fraud on my "stored" credit card somewhere). So even as I had downloaded its app and had my credit card also verified by its servers I didn't bite the bullet until recently and when I reluctantly did, what awaited me was an absolutely pleasant surprise!

Within municipal limits of the cities where Uber is present (and I realized that it's there in most of the metros while steadily increasing its footprint in all the tier-2 cities as well) you just don't need to plan for booking your cab unlike the days of the likes of the utterly disgusting Meru which even after taking booking in advance won't care to inform that half of the time they won't "like to" honour the commitment made (obviously for want of a "farther" customer). I could NEVER rely on any of them & barring exception on a countable instances almost always ended up cursing myself for having put my faith where there was no propriety in the first place!

Now Uber makes it easy by being available to you virtually anywhere in the city at merely a click! Just tap on to your app few times as n when you wish to make a move. Lo and behold! It's there for you, mostly in about the same time you would end up engaging a cabbie running his black and yellow one.

As it claims, Uber is indeed your private driver. Some of the unique features of Uber are as under.
- Request a ride using the Uber app and get picked up within minutes. On-demand service means no reservations required and no waiting in taxi lines.
- Compare rates for different Uber options and get fare quotes in the app. Pay with Google Wallet or PayPal, or add a credit card to your secure Uber account so you never need cash on hand.
- Easily set your pickup location on the map, even if you don't know the exact address. Get connected to your personal driver and check the progress of your Uber at any time.
- Sit back, relax, and go anywhere you want. Uber will email you a receipt when you arrive at your destination.

An entirely new and modern way to travel is at your fingertips.
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Issued in public (and ostensibly personal as well) interest.

Ritesh Garg