Monday, October 13, 2014

Anatomy of the "BigBillionSale"!

Anatomy of the "BigBillionSale"!

It's been over a week since the mad rush n frenzy the entire nation was held hostage to got over. After the "real time" venting of frustration on all possible avenues of social engagement by "most" of the e-commerce patrons (there still were few, who ostensibly finding themselves among the rarest of the rare breed of victors, championed the cause of this sham so very self righteously crowned as "The Big Billion" sale and dared to shower encomiums on the blue eyed protagonists against the popular sentiments) this piece might appear a tad little late in the day. Now that even the government has "seemingly" taken a note of the fiasco and has "promised" to intervene in due course of time to set up some form of regulation over the industry, following could at the best be discounted as merely another rhetoric.

Seriously, it was nothing more than a fraud-gate which warrants a thorough investigation as to how could a handful of e-tailing wizards riding on investors' easy millions (and the naive public sentiments / foolish expectations) have the audacity to take a country of over a billion for a royal joy ride! Goodness gracious me, it was a public holiday in most of the regions or collectively the nation would have lost as much of its productivity that even a zillion of such (Whatever)karts wouldn't have been able to compensate in their life time with all their valuation gimmicky. Phew!

I never had any doubt whatsoever that the entire act and also the climax (of a self fulfilling apology) was very well scripted by someone just too good with Indian law (or the lack of it) and someone who is a master of mind game. Period.

How I wish there was an RTI for privately held cos. which are riding on investors' truckloads of money, public apathy (obviously or nobody in their wildest dreams would dare weave such a plot) and last but certainly not the least, helpless legislations! By RTI in this context I mean scrutiny of granular details of what all that got advertised on ends in every nook n corner of the country. Did any or all of it exist in the first place? And even if it did (obviously to show our law one of the fingers), in what measure?

To put things in perspective, did anyone care to ask these "Billion" bulls how many of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 they actually sold at 10% of the MRP (or was it indeed a fluke to play its spicy part to the whole of propaganda)? Will the governmental probe go to the extent of corroborating with "real life" customers (and not the imaginary ones likely to find their names n cities among the list of lucky draw winners) so as to look into how deep this muck was (and going by the trend which only looks likely to grow in more colours, with in fact more variety of bells n whistles)? I doubt over the very approach, if and when it will be taken!

There is absolutely no issues with doling out the easy money one has but when the very purpose of that is to befool an entire nation by sort of hallucinating them it's analogous to funding "corporate terrorism" (forgive me if I have stretched my imagination far too beyond).

Call me a cynic but I would put all my money on the time of the penultimate version of "the apology" being fine tuned before 8:00 AM on 6th Oct. itself for the "final assault" the following day (the one all of you "registered" users would also have received in your mail boxes on the evening of 7th Oct).

I mean if I am hell bent on "staging" an apology nobody can stop me from doing so! At the end of day I won't lose on anything though I might just be lucky enough (with more than better chances of it being so) to earn a sympathy wave in the bargain! Finding it a stupid joke? Go, check out on the barrage of press over "CEO's with social consciousness" in the last one week alone. Though two entirely unrelated spheres of public engagement, like in politics in transaction business too the "consumer" memory is short lived and is prone to let the biggest of scams be taken in its stride should it find its gullible self convinced about what "might" lie ahead.

Some food for thought! Or merely another form of verbal diarrhea? I rest my case.

(C) Rits Original

p.s.: Above is merely a work of fiction and any similarity with any living individuals and entities could be attributed to serendipity alone ;)