Wednesday, October 16, 2013

iMAX Gravity - just fall for it!!

iMAX Gravity - just fall for it!!

For whatever reasons, I was getting desperate to have a dekko of Gravity (in not just 3D but IMAX 3D) @ the famed IMAX Wadala ONLY though I hate the very thought of travelling that far, just for a damn movie & considering the fact that the far better approachable PVR Phoenix was also running it in THE IMAX 3D version. On a public holiday I somehow let my craving rule over my rationality & booked the ticket at a steep price of 630 bucks apiece. Yeah, there was a slightly more affordable variety at 430 on menu as well but for once I just couldn't allow any possible mediocrity to come in my way of a well hyped experience.

On my way to the theatre I was having a guilt consciousness even as I struggled to reach the venue (just for the 2nd time in all of my seven years in Mumbai, after the premiere of Jodha Akbar on 14th Feb. 2008) which for some inexplicable reasons has been set up in a far off (from the main Mumbai suburbs on Western line) & secluded surroundings which in itself is a great dampener.

Before the movie screening began they ran the trailer of "The Hobbits" & those 2-3 minutes were just mind boggling to arouse the interest for the main course on offer. As the grand opening sequence began (would you believe it’s a 20 minute single long shot!) I immediately realized that the movie is without the sub titles! Zeejus Christ, how am I gonna enjoy this engrossed affair without them? I just hate any Hollywood offering without they making life easier for people like me who learnt their alphabets when they were just on the cusp between an adolescent & a teenager and who didn't exactly grew up among the most ornamental accents within their earshot range.

Anyway, who cares when the sound & video quality of the auditorium appears to be at least 100 times more profound than ever! When you feel the smoke inside the space suit’s helmet (due to heavy breathing of the protagonists) as if it's on your retina (when there indeed is nothing around your face, apart from the 3D glasses of course) you know you gonna get every single penny's worth with rich dividends. I, before realizing my basic handicap, felt getting the drift myself in THE SPACE like the two astronauts in lady killer George Clooney & the tomboyish Sandra Bullock!

Half way through this tale of a survival you notice that this is all about Ms. Bullock. Oh baby! What a life time award winning performance & that too while eclipsing Sir Clooney! Sandra, you can safely retire on a high after this and not allow any sure shot degradation from here on (unlike our revered cricketers) as you just can't better it! As Doctor Astronaut Ryan Stone she huffs n puffs (literally) all through the 90 minute length of this Alphonso's labour of love (what fitting first name for the director of this masterpiece). Her vulnerability is so very believable that you feel as if she is portraying your own fears & insecurities (albeit in space). What command over her body language! Priceless. I had an infatuated teenager's crush on her after Speed but now I am retrospectively in love with her!

Absolute silence of the space is brilliantly captured. The sound effects used for showcasing the tranquillity of the outer space & for depicting a space shuttle's innate unnerving calmness are indeed so ethereal. Visual effects are just beyond description though the canvas is not as monstrous and vivid as was in the James Cameron's Avatar. Delicate umbilical cord like space tandem rope to heavy meteoric showers to the raging fire in the space shuttle all of it look so credible!

Riding entirely on the Bullock's shoulder this motion picture is one for the collector's library. I won't be surprised if it's Blue Ray version actually helps doubling the sale of 3D televisions in the inflation hit festive season. I would have to look for a sub-titled version to allow me savour this queen of the dishes among all firang offerings. One thing is for sure though. My next Wadala visit doesn't look like is going to take 6 years now even if that means that my wallet would have to take some serious beating. BIG Cinemas, could you be one of my blog sponsors please?

Go guys, you have earned some shameless indulgence for yourself in these times of completely despicable Besharam performances.

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