Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 3 - The one & only - Pahalgam

I heard that the greatest dream merchant of them all Mr. Yash Chopra was in town to direct a new project after over a decade. Giving him company was the usual suspect, the big ego Khan & the sweet, lovely, adorable, HUMANE beauty, the Gorgeous Katrina Kaif who i already had an opportunity to share adjoining flight seats on 5th Jan. this year & she was graceful while signing my boarding card. Though i personally not the greatest admirer of these celebs it would be an understatement to say that i anticipated bumping into the picturization of a song n dance sequence & hence i sort of got slightly disappointed when on reaching Pahalgam i got to know that the shooting got over early today ONLY! Heck, who cares.. After some negotiation i hired a ponny & no sooner it started traversing its formal path i got jittery with some subdued fear on what's gonna be like the full course if the start wad so scary. Nevermind, i held tight & the 16 year old ponny driver gently kept motivating me (whenever i fell short on self motivation). His name wad Mohd. Rafi but he didn't like singing. Soon, we became good pals & i realized what hardships these people have to face to make good for two times of meals!

The entire stretch covered on ponny itself was insanely adventurous & on many occasions i felt as if my life was in the feet of this poor, deaf animal who is risking his/her life as per the want of his/her master and on his/her own volition. One smallest error of judgment in wrongly putting his/her foot by hair's breath and i wouldn't be there to see what's the visitor counter on my blog!! Along the way i saw some of the most breathtaking locales & i wondered at the marvel of our mother nature. I just can't describe the sheer beauty my eyes were privileged to have treated them with & to appreciste that yourself i would request you to wait till i am able to upload some rvidence of the visual extravagenza.

Tips: 1. Bargain hard with the ponny owner but please, for nature's sake & for all your ego don't let this experience go out of your hand if the deal doesn't go your way. 2. Don't forget to tip the poor, affable ponny driver generously, at least the amount you saved from the clutches of the owner.

Lastly, we visited the majestic The Lalit before calling it quits to wake early the next morning as our Ladakh driver had already landed in town & advised us to take off for Kargil sharp at 5.